Photo: Fuhrmann Argentina

Organic wool

What is it? Most people know a thing or two about organic food. Many of the same principles lie behind organic wool, but there are also some differences. The GOTS certification that we have includes a wide range of requirements that cover more than what we typically think of when we hear the word "organic". It covers the entire supply chain – from the wool on the sheep's back, to the clothes on your body.

All of this is good news for our planet. It also means that you can own a wardrobe made with pure materials and that is chemical and toxin-free.

You might be thinking that this should be the obvious way to make clothes.

We agree. Unfortunately, we can guarantee that if you knew how most clothes affect our planet, you would be pretty bummed out. Animals, humans and nature suffers from an industry that for the most part only cares about profit.

Organically manufactured wool isn't the answer to everything, but we are certain that it is a step towards a better textile industry and a better world. The price per product is a bit higher, but can we really afford not to care?

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